The Evolution of the Vacuum Cleaner

The Evolution of the Robovac: Why the Robot Vacuum of Today is Different

If you think that the robovac of today is still that little machine that used to run itself into the walls and corners of your home pointlessly until you threw them into the back of your storage closet, then think again! Since their inception, robovacs have done a lot of evolving—which is evident from the performance of newer models in homes across the world today.

These resilient little robot workers are shaking their reputation as a piece of junk that loves to hug the walls but can’t do much else, and redefining their place in the home as an incredible piece of technology that is invaluable in helping to maintain the cleanliness of any home. A modern innovation, today’s robovacs are up for the challenges of keeping homes clean despite the busy lifestyles of today.

Is your robot vacuum choice ready for a pet hair showdown?

Robot Vacuums vs. Pet Hair: The Real Deal

Robot vacuums have become an incredibly convenient way of cleaning your home. Why bother going to the effort of pushing around a heavy vacuum cleaner when you have a device that can do it all for you? This convenience also means you can clean your home more often, which results in less dust and debris, and a much more pleasing aesthetic.

One of the biggest unknowns that consumers face when deciding whether or not to purchase one of these robot vacuums; how do they handle things that are hard to pick up, especially when it comes to pet hair. Pet hair gets everywhere and can be very hard to clean away, and many wonder the robot vacuum they are considering is up to the task.

How to increase the life of your robot vacuum, or pick the longest living one.

Extend the Life of Your Robot Vacuum: Why Roombas, Robovacs and Powerbots Wear Out, and What You can do About it.

Robot vacuums are the closest things we have to a real domestic robot in our homes. There are so many things to love about these devices, and they can really change life in the home. However, there are a few things that may annoy you when you buy a robot vacuum. Mainly, how long do robot vacuums last.